Aksum University holds Sixth National Research Workshop


The national research workshop was held from December 23-25 on the theme of “Supporting National Development through research and Technology Transfer” at the main campus of the University. The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Tsehaye Asmelash, Aksum University President. In his opening speech, Dr. Tsehaye said, “Welcome to researchers and distinguished guests”.

Dr. Tsehaye also stated that Aksum University is 10 years young which accommodates more than 20 thousand under and postgraduate students. In addition to this, the University conducts community based researches in different disciplines.

The President added that this workshop is an expression of the technology, innovation and partnership aspirations of Aksum University to enrich a research culture and advance research agenda in general. Finally, he asserted that development is nothing but reducing the difficulties that communities face through community based research and technology transfer.

Dr. Migna G/Hiwot, Vice President for Research and Community Service, in his closing speech, mentioned the 6th annual research workshop was center of experience sharing between the senior and junior researchers and starting point of cooperative effort of researchers to tackle public challenges as a prior concern.

During the workshop more than fourty papers were presented. Twenty of the papers were from Aksum University Academic staffs. Furthermore, Professor Mitiku Haile, founder of Mekelle University, Professor Teketel Yohannes, Vice President for Academic Affairs at AASTU and Dr.Mulugeta Feseha, Associate Professor at AAU were key note speakers and Professor Feten Abay and Dr.G/hiwot Tadesse and Dr.Mulubrhan Balehegn were invited guests.