Professor Ephraim Isaac delivered public lecture at Aksum University


With their high quality and frequency and good reputation, the lectures at oldest Universities in the world have been held for many years, having the longest history and the largest number of regular audience in their countries.

However, public lecture may be the first practice in Aksum University. It was given by Professor Ephraim Isaac. His lecture was on issue of peace with the special focus on the current conflict.  He said that the conflict that is seen now in our country is the conflict that is seen in family when we grow up. The cause of the conflict is not ethnicity but our mind. His words had the power to inspire, motivate, and influence people, which were exactly expected by everybody.

Professor Ephraim Isaac holds a B.A. degree in philosophy, chemistry and music from Concordia College, an M.Div., a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages from Harvard University, a D.H.L. honorary from John J. College of CUNY, and a Litt. D. Honorary from Addis Ababa University. Professor Ephraim Isaac lectures widely on the subject of Religion and society and sits Boards of some twenty-five international religious, educational and cultural organizations. 

Professor Ephraim Isaac is the founder of Afro-American Studies at Harvard University and was the first professor when the department was created in 1969.  He is widely known in Ethiopia as the founder and mastermind of the National Literacy Campaign that made millions of Ethiopians literate in the late sixties. .He published many articles and books on Jewish and Ancient Ethiopic literatures.  Professor Ephraim Isaac is also famous for knowing at least seventeen languages.  But more importantly, he is known to wear traditional Ethiopian outfits all the time which has come to be his