Hotel Management

Like other department in the university the hotel management is launched in 2013 by merging tourism and hotel management under college of Business and Economics. Currently, the department is under the Institute of Tourism and Archaeology, the centre of excellence for the University, which has five departments. Still now more than 90 students have been graduated successively from the department. To shed light on some remarkable achievements, regular students’ enrolment the department intake capacity has increased from year to year.  Presently, the department has 2 expatriates and 9 Ethiopian instructors well experienced who are very committed and curious to teach and to achieve the desired objectives. In order to enhance learning and teaching, the department has its own practical lab, which helps the students to do their practical work and to fill their knowledge and skill gap.

To effectively and efficiently accomplish its mandate and deliver quality services, the department is working hard to achieve the University mission in general and the department in particular.

2.   Mission

The mission of the department is to effectively provide teaching and learning, community service and research to equip students with skill; enhance students to work on any condition as the work demands  in the hospitality sector, and benefit  the country economically.

3. Vision

The vision of the department is to deliver standardized academic training in hospitality and to create access of industrial training to the surrounding community through teaching schemes and to conduct research and project inquiries towards solving hospitality sector bottlenecked problems by 2025.

4. Objectives

4.1 General objectives

The main objective of the BA degree program is to  impart  all  the due  knowledge, skills, attitudes, professionalism and  personality  through classroom instruction, practical lab training and industry exposure, whereby students will become competent managerial  work  force  in   the  industry.

4.2 Specific Objectives

  • To produce competent professionals in hotel Management who can advise decision makers and business planners in the industry.
  • To produce specialists trained in hotel Management who will advocate the practice of professionalism and ethics in the field.
  • To produce graduates who will tackle problems pertinent to the industry.
  • To augment the nation’s capacity of undertaking research on the diverse aspects of the industry.
  • To produce competent and skilful management personnel for hotel industry who can hold different management positions.
  • To conduct research and provide consultancy services so as to enhance the development of the sector.
  • To produce entrepreneurs who can create and manage small businesses within the Hotel industry.
S.No Name Academic rank Phone No Department Email
1 Asfaw  Shibabaw Lecturer 0912132558  Head of the Department
2 Kibrachew Tamene Lecturer 0966250973 Hotel
3 Dawit Tilahun Lecturer 093072064 Hotel
4 Abebe Durchu Lecturer 0910936396 Hotel
5 Sunil Kumar Lecturer 0932506618 Hotel
6 Hassen Hussain Lecturer 0921452759 Hotel
7 Gebreyesus Birhane GA-I 0930836728 Hotel
8 Jenberu Nugussie GA- I 0947831539 Hotel
9 Hilina Zeray GA-I 0966329343 Hotel
10 Kibrom Hafaty A/Lecturer 0929264591 Hotel

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