Aksum University Board Approves the first full professorship to Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.)

Who is the first Professor of Aksum University?

Aksum University Board Approves the first full professorship in the history of the university to Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.).
He completed his Ph.D. in Agricultural Science (Soil and Water Management) from Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany in Oct 2011. Gebreyesus (Ph.D.) accomplished his dissertation in soil erosion modelling and soil quality evaluation for catchment management strategies in northern Ethiopia.

He completed his second degree in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering from Alemaya University in 2004 while he was earned his first degree in Soil and Water Conservation from Mekelle University in 2000.

Since 26 Feb 2016 he was serving as an Associate Professor of Soil and Watershed Management in the College of Agriculture, Aksum University. He also attained several short-term courses at several countries, e.g., Germany, USA, Japan, and Ghana.

Before he joined Aksum University Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.) served as Head of Agronomy and Physiology Division, Manager of Humera Agricultural Research Center as well as Head Department of Natural Resources Management from September 2001-March 2007 in Tigray Agricultural Research Institute.

Then after, he joined Aksum University as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development in 14 March 2007. After few months he was appointed as a Dean of the Faculty (July 2007-July 2008), Coordinator of USAID supported “International Sorghum/Millet Research Program (INTSORMIL)” Project (January 2008-March 2013), Director of the School of Graduate Studies (April 2012-March 2015) and Dean of the College of Agriculture from October 2017-August 2020.

In his research and community service international exposure, Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.) was awarded a Research Fellow in Land and Water Resources at United Nations University (09 February-08 September 2017), Visiting Professor of CABI-OFRA (August 2015-October 2015), Crop Nutrient Response Function Extrapolation Consultant (February 2016-March 2016); Visiting Scientist in Nebraska University (USA) from Sep 2005 to Nov 2005; and Research Collaborator in the USAID supported “International Sorghum/Millet Research Program (INTSORMIL)”- Project. He has been involved in many other research and community service projects funded by Aksum University, national sources and VHL University of Applied Sciences.

Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.) published 34 journals in a peer reviewed journals (he was Principal Investigator of 28 of the total publications). Moreover he contributed 4 book chapters, published 4 research articles in proceedings and presented 28 research outputs in various research forums.
He supervised 17 master theses/seminars and examined 43 master and Ph.D. students of higher education institutions in Ethiopia, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
He is Academic editor of the Journal Applied and Environmental Soil Science (since June 2020) and served as an invited reviewer for more than 23 international and national journals.
The College of Agriculture where Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.) was a Dean, he launched two Ph.D. Programs, i.e., Soil and Water Conservation Engineering as well as Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition and 4 master programs in his department. Gebreyesus is currently serving as the President of Aksum University since 11 September 2020.

At this point, Aksum University Community congratulates and forward best wishes for Prof Gebreyesus Berhane (Ph.D.) for his successfully approved to the rank of professorship by Aksum University Board, as the first Professor in the history of our university.

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