Academic Programs Directorate

Academic Programs Directorate


Academic Program Office is one of the first offices constituted when the University was established during 2006.  The office was launched to coordinate five faculties with their respective departments and it has played a pivotal role in implementing and launching the first twelve undergraduate programs that the University enrolled 750 undergraduate students for the first time.

However, due to the reform made after the then Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the Office of Academic Program was formally closed.

As of 2017, the office was re-established as Academic Programs Directorate (APD). Since then it has been working to support the activities of new curricular development, reviewing the existing ones, and implementing them.

During the academic year 2017/2018, there were 68 undergraduate and 22 postgraduate programs running in all ten academic units (six colleges, three schools, and an institute).

By now in 2020, with tremendous expansion, the University has four campuses namely Sefeho (Main Campus), Maiakho (Referral Campus), Shire, and Adwa. In all its campuses, it has five colleges, two institutes, and one school offering a total of 116 programs with 71 undergraduate, 42 masters, and 3 Ph.D. programs.

Moreover, the APD has been working, in collaboration with academic units, to fulfill qualified staff for graduate and undergraduate programs. There are 607 graduate assistants, 1036 Masters (lecturers), 105 assistant professors, and 5 associate professors. The total number of academic staff is 1753 of which 265 are females, whereas 1488 are male academic staff.

Vision and Mission of the office


To be one of the best directorates in the University


To support and consult all the academic units of Aksum University to run the state of the art programs by fulfilling with the required and qualified academic staff.

Current Directorate Director

Seyoum Abraham Meshesha (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication

Office telephone:+251034 775 33 44/3645

Mobile number:+251989830741


Office Address: Block 26, Second Floor, Room 206

Main Campus, Aksum University