Community Centered FM 93.9 Radio Station Directorate

Community Centered FM 93.9 Radio Station Directorate


Aksum community district and surrounding towns like Adwa and Shire town were in desperate need of radio programs that raise issues which are essential to them. Based on this, the establishment of Aksum University community radio station creates a forum where people can learn from each other as a result of radio listening.

It will be designed with broad community participation in mind. It will also incorporate all segments of the community irrespective of age, gender, religious, cultural or educational differences. The beneficiaries of this community radio are community residents of Aksum, Adwa, Shire, towns and Aksum University students, staff members of Shire campus, Referral hospital and main campus of Aksum University.

The community radio is expected to work with the whole community of the university in the three campuses and four research centers of the university. Aksum University has more than 30,000 students in its regular, summer and continuing education programs. The community radio station can be a great source of knowledge for the students where they are provided opportunities to express their ideas discuss important issues relevant to them and address a number of socio-economic challenges that they face. What is more important is these students come from every corner of Ethiopia so they can bring attitude change among the wider community.

The community radio allows academic staff members from the various disciplines to discuss important issues related to agriculture, peace and security, health and medical issues, English language issues, legal issues, gender issues and others. Experts can share social problems and various social-based conflicts can be discussed. In addition to this, supportive staffs of the university have also great contribution to the community radio.

Based on the above assumptions, Aksum university management members have determined to take initiative to establish a community centered FM radio station on September 2018. A committee was formed from journalism and communication, electrical engineering, law and other departments to take the initiative to lay the foundation for the establishment of the community centered radio station. The committee members who were assigned to execute the establishment of the community radio have accomplished many tasks like preparing editorial policy, human resource document, organizational structure, broadcast equipment specification and need assessment for the community radio.

The community radio has obtained a license 93.9 frequency from Ethiopian broadcast authority on January, 2019.  The Community centered radio station has now 150 general assembly and seven board members. Aksum University has established the center at directorate level so as carry out all tasks of the community radio.

The community centered radio station works in collaboration with Journalism and Communication as well as Electronic Communication Engineering departments of the university. The departments play a great role in sustaining the works of the community radio by producing programs, media training and technical management.

In addition to this, the departments provide journalists and technical experts to the radio station. On the other hand, the establishment of the community radio will benefit the departments as a center of practical class and internships. The center is now carrying out tasks to purchase broadcast and transmission equipment for the community radio.

Vision and Mission of our Office


By 2030, Aksum University Community Centered Radio 93.9 aspires to become a firsthand source of information to Aksum University and nearby communities through transmitting current, informative, educational and entertaining programs that mobilize an informed society towards achieving knowledge economy


To become a nucleus of interactive communication, discussion and cultural expression that facilitates free expression of the university and surrounding communities so as to boost public participation and awareness towards sustainable development.

Current Directorate Director

                                Mr. Tsgabu Motbynor Belete  

                                Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication

                                Mobile number: +251912674228


                                Office Address: Block 27, 1st Floor, Room 102, 

                                 Main Campus, Aksum University