Research and Publication Directorate

Research and Publication Directorate


The office was first commenced as office of Research and Publication in 2006. Then after it was re-established under Vice President of Research and Development. It was established to render one of the strategic goals of Aksum University i.e., quality research that generates new knowledge that contribute to the national as well as regional development.

Then after, it was reshaped in to Research and Community Service Directorate when the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development was dissolved in to Vice President of Academic and Research. The office was renamed again as Research and Postgraduate Studies directorate with three major missions i.e., research, publication and postgraduate under the office of Vice President for Research and Community Service. The office finally reached its current status of Research and Publication Directorate as of September 2020 through various structural adjustments so as to implement its mandates as per the legislation mainly focusing on research and publication.

The directorate is responsible to:

  • Direct and administer the overall research activities of the university
  • Allocate research budget and fund on transparent and participatory basis
  • Promote, allocate and administer sufficient funds for faculty research undertakings
  • Introduce governing ethical standards and guidelines of quality research and accordingly enhance research awareness towards the contribution of research for national development
  • Ensure effective implementation of policies laid down by the Senate with regard to the proper administration of research deliverables.


The offices under the directorate are:


Mission and Vision of the Office


By 2030, Aksum University aspires to be a university of first choice for high quality research output


To serve the nation by providing conducive environment for research and publication by creating responsible researchers


Current Directorate Director


Mewael Berhane Mengesha (PhD) 

Assistant Professor of Socio-Economic Development

Planning and Environment

Mobile Number: +251912033255


Office Address: Block 27, Second Floor, Room 207

Main Campus (Sefeho), Aksum University