Continuing Education Program Directorate

Continuing Education Program Directorate


Aksum University is one of the second-generation universities established in 2006 by the federal government under the proclamation No.650/2009 with three core mandates; teaching-learning, research, and community service. Currently, it functions on four campuses with five colleges, two institutes, and many more faculty, departments, and supportive directorate offices.

Continuing Education Program Directorate as one academic unit of the university was established in 2000 by delivering undergraduate education in a summer program with few students in Aksum main campus. In 2005 the center lunches delivering of postgraduate in weekend and summer programs in Aksum and Shire Campus. With the quest to expand the program the center lunches additional satellite branches centers in Maigaba and Humera for the delivery of postgraduate and graduate education on weekend.

At present, the center enrolled more than 7000 students in post-graduate diploma,  undergraduate and graduate programs, in all its campuses, (main, referral, shire) and in other two satellite branch centers ( Humera, Maygaba) in summer and weekend programs.


Under the umbrella of Aksum University CEPD strives to be one of the leading continuing and distance education that ensures access, quality and equitable education for all citizens and producing competent and competitive workforce who could leverage the country’s economic development by 2030.


The Mission of CEPD is to produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study by providing quality education to the citizens that might not have accesses to regular educational program by using different modalities and technologies such as: summer, weekend, distance and online program at their convenient time and reasonable tuition fee.

The center was established with the following objectives:

  1. To provide demand-driven, relevant, and appropriate education programs and thereby to build the capacity of the workforce that might not have access to the regular educational program.
  2. To contribute to the effort of human development of government and non-government organizations seeking in-service training without detaching from their career.
  3. Make continuing education accessible to everyone as a starting point for a lifelong learning
  4. To provide quality education to the community at their convenient time with reasonable tuition fee
  5. To play important role in generating income for the university.
  1. To produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study that can contribute to the solution of society and disseminate knowledge and technologies,

The CEPD has the following duties and responsibilities to:

  1. Make continuing education accessible to everyone as a starting point for a lifelong

learning process

  1. Develop policies and guidelines and frameworks to ensure the implementation of continuing education programmes by academic units;
  2. Coordinate and implement policies and directives laid down by the Senate pertaining to CEP.
  3. Prepare a strategic plan for the continuing education programme of the University by identifying the educational needs of the public and facilitate the launching of the programmes;
  4. Coordinate and assist academic units in the offering of education and training programmes through continuing education, distance or virtual and summer education for short-term pieces of training for capacity building, or for imparting knowledge and skills in specific fields;
  5. Work in consultation with relevant academic units and offices to develop strategies in the management of income generated through continuing education as part of community services;
  6. Review and revise, from time to time, the rate of the tuition fee to provide quality service at an affordable price and as a means of revenue generation for the University;
  7. Ensure equal access to University academic resources for students enrolled in continuing education programmes;
  8. Oversee the proper execution of rules and regulations of the University regarding the teaching-learning process in the University’s continuing education programmes;
  9. Collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data in the form of catalogues on continuing education programmes; and
  10. Perform any other duties as may be required.


Current Directorate Director

Seare Tajebe Desta (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor of Animal Nutrition and Feed science


Mobile Number: +251977061499

Office Address: Block 22, Room 22

Main Campus, Aksum University