Ethics and Ant-Corruption Directorate

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate


Ethics and Anti-corruption directorate was established in 2011 as Ethics Liaison Unit. However, due to the strong commitment of the university against corruption efforts and belief that, it contribute remarkable role to the national campaigning against corruption the liaison unit expanded to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Education Directorate. Currently, the directorate is coordinating matters related to ethics and anti-corruption of all the university’s campuses.

The struggle against corruption is not left only to someone else, since its consequences are nationwide, it is expected that every member of the university community shall take part with great sense of ownership. The office also facilitates ethics students’ club in the university.

This includes:

  • Exposing of corruption offences and other improprieties,
  • Monitor and prevent corruption related activities in line with staffing, procurement and other related activities of the university
  • Working with other relevant partners on the implementation of ethical principles
  • Advising the president as well as the managing body of the university on ways of minimizing corruption
  • Promoting ethics and anti-corruption education
  • Reporting to the federal ethics and anti-corruption commission as well as to the university president when corruption incidents are observed.

Vision and Mission of the Directorate


To become one of the best five performing ethics and anti-corruption offices in Ethiopia by 2030 through minimizing corruption to the level where it cannot become an obstacle to good governance at Aksum University


Ensuring transparency and accountability at the university by exposing corruption offences and teaching learning obstacles via promoting ethics education

Partnership and collaboration

The following are our partners:

  • Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Tigray regional Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Aksum City Police Office

Current Directorate Director


Mr. Leul Weldearegay  Gebresselasie

Master of Arts in Educational Planning and Management

Office telephone: +251348750233

Mobile number: +251914744292


Office Address: Block 27, Second Floor, Room 201

Main Campus, Aksum University