Facility Development Directorate

Facility Development Center


Facility Development Center is established to support the university in achieving its goals by providing different types of facilities.  It’s comprised of seven units which are organized based on their area of specialization stated as follows:

  • Transportation Unit
  • Technical and Maintenance Unit
  • Vehicles Maintenance Unit
  • Offices & Class Rooms administration & Follow up Unit
  • Campus Beautification Unit
  • Campus Guard Unit
  • Waste Water Treatment plant Unit


To see that Aksum University has convenient work place for staff that can go in line with the First Generation Universities in Ethiopia


To provide facilities such as transportation, maintenance, beautification, safeguarding the compound, fulfilling classrooms and offices with the necessary materials so as to help in achieving Aksum University’s goals

Partnership and collaboration

Facility Development Center works in collaboration with external organizations such as Telecommunication Office, Electric and Power Supply Office, Water Supply Office and Security and Police Offices.

Current Director

Mr. Fithanegest Amha Gesese

Mobile Number: +251-0914769767

Email: gesesef@gmail.com

Office Address:  Block22, Room 003

Main Campus, Aksum University