Finance and Budget Directorate

Finance and Budget Directorate


Aksum University is one of the second generation universities established by the federal government under the Proclamation No.650/2009. The Finance and Budget Directorate was established on February 2007 with the name of Finance and Budget Office. The financial system of the University is decentralized into college level.

The office is in charge of budget allocation, budget utilization, revenue generating systems and the use of budget to achieve the University mission. It works to enhance diversify and magnitude of revenue, enhance resource utilization efficiency, expand potential revenue opportunities, improve efficient and effective utilization of financial resources.

The Directorate has the following Teams

  • Budget Sub Process

  • Finance Sub Process

  • Internal Revenue Sub Process


In 2030, Aksum University aspires to be a University of first choice for high quality learning environment and a genuine sense of community.


Our mission is serving the nation by providing learner-centered education, research synergistic with national interest, and productive and responsive community engagement via value adding partnership

Partnership and collaborations

  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Higher Educational Institutions
  • Tax Authority
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Internal Revenue
  • All commercial banks of Ethiopia

Current Director


Mobile Number: +251912765079


Office Address:Block, 26, Ground Floor

Main (Sefoho) Campus, Aksum University