Freshman programs Directorate

Freshman Program Directorate


The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education has decided to reintroduce freshman programs as of the new academic year beginning 2019. This decision is drawn from the recommendations of Ethiopia’s new Education Development Roadmap that incorporates different policy directions set to chart as of 2019 and the future of the national education system in the years to come.

The justification or assumption to reintroduce freshman programs will assist in improving the quality of education and preparation of graduates for the job market, and thereby fostering positive relationships among students of different ethnic backgrounds.

Accordingly, Aksum University decided to establish a new office the so-called freshman program directorate to administer and coordinate all freshman students and issues related to the common courses given to freshman students.

Thus freshman program directorate is one of the Colleges in the university which is labelled as the indispensable and a vital host for freshman students. The capacity of the office depends on the capacity of the departments in the university in particular and the expansion of the university in general


The vision of the Freshman Program Directorate is to see Aksum University to be a university of the first choice for high-quality learning environment and a genuine sense of community in the University.


The mission of the office is to provide well-organized programs and to produce competent students to realize quality assurance through innovative and creative education and research to foster social and economic development of the country.


Current Directorate Director

Kinfe Teweldebirhan (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor of Astrophysics

Mobile number: +251913263695

Office Address: Block 53, Second Floor, Room 201

Main Campus, Aksum University