Head of the Office of the President

Head of the office of the President


The office was established in 2017 as President Assistant Office and later in the same year it was restructured in to President Office Head.

The main functions of this office are:

  • Advise the president on matters of academic as well as administrative rules and regulations and their effective implementation and challenges face during and after implementation on the ground.
  • Looking after new and better ways and tactics to meet the university set vision through taking the core missions of the university and associating theme in line with the national GTP II and  education development programs
  • Plans, monitors and evaluates programs of tasks and cascades plans, reports and give feedback to different offices and directorates.
  • Follow up progress of good governance and give feedback to curve those problems in association with different concerned bodies
  • Undertaking daily office matters according their priority and urgency
  • Bringing and/or formulating best ways as to how to implement the goal and objectives of the university in an efficient and effective way
  • Watching over the implementation of rules and regulations of the university in association with other related organs of the university and coming back with better remedies and improvements

Current Head of the Office


Mr. Resom Teweldemedhin Araya 

Master of Arts in Educational Planning and Management

Office telephone: +251347751931

Mobile number: +25191404460995

Email: resomtewe2012@gmail.com

Office: Block 26, Second Floor: Room 107

Main Campus, Aksum University