History and Heritage Management


The department designed its curriculum by making a shift from a political chronological arrangement in to an approach that can create the liberty of discussing the different aspects of the past that is thematic approach on Ethiopian history courses. In addition, more Ethiopian history courses, methodology courses and practical activities need to be part of the program. The major objective of the department is to strengthen major area training, there is no need of including minor as part of our program.

Program Objective

In this curriculum the courses of the study are developed and structured in such a way that students will acquire and develop basic knowledge of the historical material in depth, engage in exercise of critical thinking about historical themes and issues and to develop skills of identification and solving historical problems through methodological research. Therefore, the main objectives of the curriculum include

  • To train full-fledged researchers committed to the discipline of history and heritage management to tackle the problem of the society using the potentials and possibilities embedded in the profession.
  • To produce skilled personnel and professionals who carry out research in the political economic, social and cultural history of Ethiopia.
  • To produce scholars with tradition of to lerance towards the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country
  • To create professionals with clear world view and ability to relate their profession with local, regional, national and international dynamics and realities and to create polymath students (candidates) who can give a good knowledge of history for the benefit of posterity.

Professional Profile

Graduate of history and heritage management could work as:-

  • Researchers in the field of history and heritage management
  • History teaches in educational institutions
  • History and heritage management experts in different institutions and at different levels
  • Experts in the areas of intra and inter-ethnic and intra and inter religious relations
  • Guides, curators, experts and managers in tourism and museum sectors at different levels

Graduate profile

Graduates in history and Heritage Management are equipped with good knowledge and skills in the fields of history and cultural studies that enable them:

  • Undertake scientific research in historical, historic graphical and cultural aspects of Ethiopia and the horn
  • Document heritage of the peoples of Ethiopia and the horn at local, regional and national level
  • Manage heritages of peoples of Ethiopia and the horn at local, regional and national level
  • Provide consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental organizations and private enterprises on history and heritage management issues at local, national and regional levels.
  • Engage in the tourism and museum sectors as guides, curators, experts and managers
  • Serve as history and heritage management experts in local, national, regional and international institutions
  • Serve as experts in the areas of intra and inter-ethnic and inter religious relations of the region