Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate

Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate


AkU has established Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate (IQAD) in 2009 following the introduction of Business Process Reengineering (BPR). IQAD is responsible to enhance, assure and maintain the quality of the entire academic, research, outreach and support services in the University. From its establishment till 2017, IQAD was called Quality Assurance Center (QAC). The AkU-QAC was organized to have one academic quality audit officer centrally and one quality assurance coordinator at each college/school/institute.

Since its establishment, QAC run the activities of semester and annual academic audit, HDP and ELQIP training, processing scholarship procedures for study leave of academic staffs, and self-evaluation. In the academic year 2014/15, QAC conducted institutional self-evaluation and developed self-evaluation document (SED) according the focus areas of HERQA. Based on the SED of AkU-QAC, HERQA conducted an external audit of quality in 2015/16 whose report was published and sent to AkU in 2016. Mulugeta Hadush, Misgina Gebrehiwot, and Desta Gebretekle were among the academic staffs of AkU who led the center.

Since September 2016/17, the center was called as Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate. In this new reorganization year, responsibilities related to the HDP and ELQIP centers as well as scholarship issues were taken to the Academic Programs Directorate (APD) and IQAD was made to focus on the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Develop and implement formal quality assurance systems, policies and procedures to help any activities in the University to be consistent and responsive to the vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the university.
  • Integrate quality assurance system comprehensively, clearly and concretely in every step, every level of operation in order to instill quality culture in the university;
  • Assess the quality of core process activities (teaching-learning, research community engagement and student services) and support process activities (Information communication Technology, Human Resource Management, Estate and facility management) of the University;
  • Improve University’s overall management practices to be exemplary in good governance;
  • Communicate with the relevant statutory, accreditation and professional boards and bodies;
  • Establish linkages, partnership and networks with other quality assurance institutions to enhance quality teaching-learning and research;
  • Work with relevant University organs in defining and setting quality bench marks;
  • Perform academic and research audit incompliance with academic and research quality assurance policy;
  • Assist University units in developing standards for academic, research, community and support services;
  • Review academic programmes and their curricula and supervise academic units to ensure the relevance and quality of education;
  • Establish and administer central examination database.


Vision and Mission of our Directorate


The vision of IQAD is to see the issue of quality become culture in Aksum University in 2030.


The mission of IQAD is establishing a system of enhancing, assuring and sustaining quality and relevance of the teaching-learning, research, community service, technology transfer, university-industry-linkages, and other supportive services of Aksum university by developing and implementing standards, guidelines, policies, packages, techniques and instruments that will help the education and other services to be in high quality so that the university’s customers and stakeholders can get satisfied.

Partnership and Collaboration

IQAD works in collaboration with Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA).

Office under our directorate


Current Directorate Director

               Hilluf Reddu Tegegne (PhD)

               Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

               Mobile: +251912079665

               Email: or

               Office: Block 82, First Floor, Room 102

               Main Campus, Aksum University