Internal Audit Directorate

Internal Audit Directorate


Internal Audit directorate has overall responsibility for the Internal Audit task. This directorate is in charge for ensuring Internal Audit is closely aligned with best practices in executing the duties across the university and its financial maneuvers. The Directorate works to guarantee roles, responsibilities, and results are efficiently synchronized and collectively optimizing the efficiency of risk management, control and governance of the university.

Besides, it follows audit results and reports to the management. Under the task of audit engagement there are activities which include planning engagement, engagement work program and performing the engagement.  And our directorate reports to management on the following areas:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of assets utilization
  • Asset handling and administration
  • Relevant and reliable financial cash flow
  • Rules and reputation application
  • Risk areas of the university
  • Establishment of programme and projects as per objectives
  • Budget implementation and allocation as per objectives’

Vision and Mission of our Directorate


Become clean internal audit in accordance with accomplishment of expenditure and utilization of resource as per activities of the directorate and the university performance


  • Providing relevant and reliable information to the management
  • Enhancing allocation and implementation of resources (manpower, money, material)

Internal Audit Objectives

  • Assurance and assertions
  • Consulting and assertions
  • Clean audit (Acts free of frauds and errors)
  • Assertions of application of rules and regulations

Current Directorate Director


Mr. Gebrekidan Kiflemariam Teferi

Bachelor of Arts in Management

Mobile number: +251914099546


Office Address: Block-26: Ground Floor: Room-001

Main Campus, Aksum University