Vice President for Research and Community Service

Office of the Vice President for Research and Community Services


It was first established as Office of Research and Publication of Aksum University since its commencement in 2007.  Then after, it was re-structured in to Vice President for Research and Development. It was mandated to direct the offices of Research and Publication as well as Community Service and Technology Transfer.

Then after, it was restructured as Office of Research and Community Service Directorate under the then Office of the Vice President for Academic and Research.  The offices; publication, research, community service and technology transfer were functioning under the directorate.

In 2016 the Office of the Vice President for Research and Community Services (OVPRCS) was re-established with its current status. Currently, the office has three directorates (Research and Publication, Consultancy and Community Services, Institutional Linkage and Technology Transfer) and one centre, Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Centre, which are directly accountable to it. Besides, each college has a research and community service coordinating office which reports to both the respective dean/director and OVPRCS.

The OVPRCS is mandated with responsibilities to lead and coordinate two of the University’s core functions: research and community service. For the very purpose of effective results and putting trustworthy and accountable system across all levels, the office has created institutionally coordinated and decentralized schemes of administration.

The office aims at establishing a strong and sustainable system that triggers a research and development culture among the academic staff of the University. And such a system must be evidenced by a significant increase in proper application of research outputs, collaborative research projects, publications in reputable journals, technological innovations, commercialized products, transferred technologies and patents.

To achieve these goals, the office strives to channel its limited resource to locally and nationally prioritized needs of the society. Furthermore, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Community Services encourages multidisciplinary and joint projects through the engagement of the academic staff and stakeholders, and establish a viable environment for customers and stakeholders.

You can access further information about the offices under Vice President of Research and Community Service as follows;


Mission and Vision of the Office


OVPRCS aspires to see Aksum University be ranked among the top 5 universities in Ethiopia by 2030.


OVPRCS strives to establish a sustainable institutional system that helps the University be involved in conducting problem-solving and demand-driven research and properly apply the knowledge and technologies generated thereof in fostering the national development process.

Partnership and Collaborations

Aksum University collaborates with national and international institutions on research and community service projects.At national level,AKU has so far collaborated with

  • Tigray Bureau of Education,
  • Tigray Bureau of Agriculture,
  • Tigray Statistics Agency,
  • Tigray ICT Agency,
  • Tigray Bureau of Science and Technology,
  • Tigray Bureau of Planning and Finance,
  • Tigray Bureau of Trade, Industry and Urban Development,
  • Tigray Bureau of Communication Affairs,
  • Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy,
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • Federal Urban Land and Land Related Property Registry and Information Agency and many other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

And among our international partners are

  • VHL University (Netherlands),
  • University of California, Los Angeles,
  • University of Bath (UK),
  • Gelfund Family Charity Trust,
  • University of Naples (Italy),
  • AGRITEAM Canada Consulting LTD,
  • Tilburg University (Netherlands),
  • German Archaeological Institute, Sanaa Branch,
  • Friedrich Schiller University (Germany).


Current Vice President



            Assistant Professor of Materials Physics

            Mobile number: +251-914314645


            Block 27, Second Floor, Room 205

            Main Campus (Sefeho), Aksum University