Message of the President

Aksum University is one of the second generation young higher education institutions in Ethiopia, which was commenced in 2007 with five faculties and less than 30 departments.

Currently, we have 1753 (1036 lecturers, 105 assistant professors, 5 associate professors and 607 graduate assistants) young, energetic and hardworking academic staff. In a decade progress we have about 71 Undergraduate and 42 Master and 3 PhD programs aligned with the national priorities. 

Twelve years back the university enrolled 750 for the first batch students while the actual enrolment today elevated to more than 24 thousand in all programs. Besides, we have five campuses (Main Campus, Health and Referral Hospital Campus, Adwa Campus, Shire Campus and Selekleka Research and Technology Center) specializing in different fields of study in congruent with the development priorities of the region and the country. As a higher education institution innate at the center of world class civilization, Aksum (synonymous with Axum), we have the responsibility to explore and retain these sites in a way that contributes to a full potential of tourism economy.

We understand that a little is known about Aksum. The university community noticed that the internationally recognized (UNESCO registered) historical and archaeological opulence of the area demands extraordinary academic attention. Thus, bearing this justification upfront, we have established an Institute of Archaeology and Tourism as a Center of Excellence in the Main Campus. The institute comprises the complementing departments of Archaeology, History, Tourism, Hotel Management and Anthropology.

We are at the heart of Aksum and this area is open for new discoveries and insights in the field. As a result, external partners working with us in these fields will be mutually benefited a lot. Besides, the main campus comprises engineering, business, natural, education and behavioral science as well as languages and social science disciplines. Thus, our doors are open for collaborations in enhancing quality education, research, community service, technology transfer and capacity building in all disciplines starting from short-term trainings up to PhD programs.   

The second campus encompasses the College of Health Science together with Aksum University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. This is the only comprehensive specialized hospital in Tigray next to Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. Our hospital is found at the center of the densely populated areas serving for Central, Northwestern and Western Zones comprising of more than 2.1 million populations. Currently, we are working in a sustained and campaigned health services for the surrounding community with many local, national and international partners.

In addition, these campaigns are serving as platforms of capacity enhancement and technology transfer. Once the technology transfer, capacity building and health facility attains we are committed to handover and sustain the service abruptly. Hence, we are honored to invite collaborators from local, national and international organizations working on health research (such as the neglected tropical diseases), humanitarian, knowledge transfer and institution building.     

Northern Ethiopia is also rich in mineral resource that is open for investigation and new investment. Our Faculty of Mines that comprises departments of Geology, Mineral Processing and Metallurgy Engineering and Mining Engineering in Shire Campus are also the first option in Ethiopia. We are complementarily working together with local mining industries to explore the massive potentials of the sector. In our unreserved perseverance to modernize the mining sector in Ethiopia, we welcome external academia, research and grant institutions who are interested to work in partnership. Besides, through the Faculty of Water Technology with its outstanding hydraulic laboratory in Shire Campus we are striving to modernize water resource utilization and management.  

The College of Agriculture in Shire Campus is focusing on demonstrating modern agriculture to the society and building agro-processing plants that will boost agricultural productivity and quality through Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center.  Besides, collaborations in agriculture and water technology are warmly welcomed. 

The fourth campus that is opened recently in Adwa is specializing in Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology. It works to professionalize the textile, garment and fashion design disciplines through integrated practical learning and interaction with textile and garment industries in Adwa and beyond.

As a subsume of its’ perseverance towards internationalization, Aksum University is providing scholarships to international students from Eritrea, South Sudan, Puntland, Federal Republic of Somalia and Somaliland. Besides, we have scholarship and student exchange programs in some disciplines with VHL University of Applied Sciences. Further, as part of our internationalization strategy we warmly welcome scholarship, student and research exchange as well as staff exchange collaborations with international research and training institutions.  

I would like to thank our existing partners who are working with us to enhance our human development investment in the community. And finally, I cordially invite other organizations for student exchange, staff exchange, scholarship, collaborative research, community service and technology transfer engagements that line up with the development priorities of the country. 

Excellence through Perseverance!

Gebreyesus Brhane Tesfahunegn (PhD)

President of Aksum University