Office of System Administrator

Office of System Administrator


Since the establishment of Aksum University in 2007, the Office of Registrar plays a great role in managing different tasks related to student registration, cost-sharing, student biography, student grade, student documents and certificates, and alumni issues.  As a system administrator, our office initiates different technologies that can make tasks easier to coordinate, monitor, track, resolve, and control different tasks at different levels.

Our office already started to automate different tasks that are performed in the office of the registrar such as Online Admission, Online Registration, and Registration Activation using fingerprint devices, Online Alumni management, Online Withdrawal/Readmission Request, Online Student Placement, Online Cost-sharing Management, and others.



Our Vision is to automate all tasks in the office of the registrar so that all the tasks will be organized, confidential, and easy for our customers and employee.


  • Our mission is to support SIMS users technically.
  • To upgrade, maintain, and deploy SIMS features.
  • To make sure the users of SIMS are satisfied with our support.

Current Officer
Mr. Birhanu Mebrahtu
Mobile Number 0989830564
Email :
Office Address: Block 82, Second Floor, Room 205

Main Campus, Aksum University