Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs


The country, Ethiopia, is embarked on a higher education expansion and program reforms with impressive speed. Designing an education and training system that ensures quality and equitable academic training for all citizens can continuously produce a higher-level competent workforce capable of running the country’s economic development.  Bearing a resemblance of an objective, Aksum University was commenced by the year 2007 in Aksum city, a city where several historic achievements are found. The office is mainly targeted for academic excellence. This office provides students the knowledge, insight, and skills needed to understand, contribute to, and lead in a rapidly changing world, and it will embrace and support the production of high-quality graduates. The aspirations, ambitions, and efforts can be seen in development activities throughout all the teaching campuses and every academic unit of the university. The University had started giving its educational training with one campus, whereas now there are four teaching campuses. These are named as the Main Campus, Shire Campus, Adwa Campus, Comprehensive and Specialized Hospital Campus (Maikho) Campus. Besides this, there are two more satellite centres in May Gaba and Humera. These satellite centres are opened primarily for the weekend program intended to serve students who want to join to the weekend program but too far to travel because of different factors. These separate campuses are under the same accreditation, shared resources, and shared administrations. Aksum University started offering its education and training service with 735 first batch undergraduate students. Aksum University has been using “Excellence through Perseverance” as a general motivation motto for the quality encapsulating due process. With all that, the intake capacity of the University gets higher and higher, and currently, it has more than 24,000 enrolled students in all programs that are found on all campuses. Concerning academic programs development opened for students’ admission the university has Undergraduate Programs, Masters Programs, Ph.D. programs, Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership Program (PGDSL), Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT). So far, the university had graduated more than 30,000 students. Aksum University has been going through pragmatic development both on the quantity and quality of professional development of academic staff. The university had started its educational service with 60 academic staff, whereas now it has 1753 academic staff and 148 technical assistance. The university has been working on staff and professional development programs. Academic staff have been training both in inland and in international universities to meet the effective quality of the teaching-learning process.  This is because the continuous revision of curricula and development of new academic programs demand a system to train and retrain the academic staff on continuous bases. Besides, effective teaching-learning occurs when staff display a sound understanding and up-to-date knowledge of their subject, pedagogies, and/or professional practice. Hence, this could bring to a variety of appropriately-designed learning and teaching activities. In addition to this, the recruitment and appointment procedures of the university were ensuring that new staff has an appropriate level of competence for teaching and supporting learning activities. Of the various pedagogical enhancement packages implemented in the university, Higher Diploma Program is playing an important role in improving the internal quality of the teaching-learning process. This program is continuously delivered each year under the coordination of the office of the academic program directorate. The intake capacity of freshman students of university has shown a fast incremental trend from year to year. In addition to the normal placement of regular students from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the university is creating access for those who demand the academic service in the weekend and summer program. Every year the university gives different scholarship opportunities for various sections of the society. To mention some: master program scholarship opportunities for female applicants, scholarship in the undergraduate program for Eritrean refugees, and for different social groups of the community. In all-purpose, in collaboration with all stakeholders, the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs holds all structures under it in a way that ensures the quality of education systems that can produce competent and innovative graduates.

Mission and Vision of the Office


Developing a firm teaching-learning system that ensures quality and equitable education for all citizens and producing competent and competitive workforce who could leverage the country’s economic development by 2030.


Realizing effective, quality, and equitable education and training system through implementing, designing, and regulating standards of efficiency, to produce demandable graduates. Offices under Vice President for Academic Affairs:


Partnership and collaborations

  • With the University of Toronto

This collaboration deals with the areas of hydrology and water resource management and is aimed at developing practical oriented training. The university has opened one MSc. program compiled jointly by the professionals of UniWater Education.

  • With the University of DE GIRONA, SPAIN

This collaboration is mainly focused on areas of tourism intended to facilitate students and professors international mobility;  allow the exchange of information, knowledge, and academic materials to increase and improve opportunities for the development of collaborative research projects, conferences and lectures, identify other ways of academic cooperation, to cooperate in research publications and others.

  • With the University of DIN ORADEA, Romania

The main objective of this collaboration is to increase and to improve opportunities for the development of collaborative research projects, conferences, and lectures; to facilitate students and professors international mobility; to allow the exchange of information, knowledge, and academic materials; to identify other ways of academic cooperation and to cooperate in research publications. In addition to the above international universities, Aksum is also working with the following other universities in the area of teaching-learning activities in the health science arena.

  • Maastricht University (the Netherlands)
  • Michigan University (USA)
  • Columbia University (New York City, USA)
  • Cure Blindness, Himalayan Cataract Project
  • The Royal London Hospital (London, UK)
  • The Netherlands Nuffic Project (the Netherlands)
  • Medical University of South Carolina (USA)

Current Vice President

Kiros Guesh (Ph.D.)  Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Mobile number: +251914301370 Email: Office Address: Block 26, Second Floor, Room 205 Main Campus, Aksum University