Secretariat of the Senate

Secretariat of the Senate


Before launched as secretariat of the senate, its main tasks were made by different offices especially by registrar and vice president for research offices.  These different offices role were only keeping minute. However, the now secretariat of the senate has certain duties and responsibilities beyond keeping minute.  These includes:

  • Following up the proper implementation of the decisions made by the senate,
  • Process the proper documentation and keeping of the records of the deliberations and decisions,
  • Compile, publish and disseminate rulings of the senate,
  • Ensure that senate instructions and orders are handled and fulfilled properly and on time by the concerned bodies
  • Handle academic cases according to the senate instructions and
  • Report on the progress and results of actions taken.

Current Secretariat


Mr. Angesom Tesfay

Master of Business Administration

Office telephone: +251347753645

Mobile number: +251914774231


Office: Block 26, Second Floor, Room 107

Main Campus, Aksum University