Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Centre

Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center


The main purpose of the instigation of the center is to be a model of integrated farming and agro-processing as sculpt for rural agricultural transformation. On top of this, the center is designed to be a hub of implementation research and technology transfer that foster the perseverance towards improving the life standards of the community.

Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center was established in an area of 59.2 hectare of land during 2013 to be a center of demonstration, training, research and technology transfer under the Vice President for Research and Community Service of Aksum University. The center is located in Selekleka, 30km towards west of Aksum University Main Campus. Currently, the center has 95 permanent employees.

The center has around 8.4 hectare of land for plant sciences (cereal and horticultural crops) research activities having irrigation access sourced from borehole. The center has planned to establish 3 greenhouses for crop research and development issues. The design and specification of these greenhouses has already finalized and it is under purchasing process.

Practically, the center established one hatchery room having hatchery (currently under installation) with the capacity of hatching more than 19,000 at ones and three poultry farms having the capacity to hold 10,000 chicks each with an area of 1200 meter2 (12 meter by 100 meter) each ready to start.

In addition, it has one dairy farm having the capacity to hold 60 dairy cows in integration with milk processing plants with the processing capacity of 1000 liter per hour which is already installed. The center also set up one feed mill plant having the capacity of 40 quintal per hour which is currently in installation.

Moreover, Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center instigates beekeeping farm which have the capacity to holds more than 200 beehives, though currently there are only 25. Furthermore, the center is institutionalizing animal clinic designed to serve as a backbone of animal production through research based clinical services to the society.

The center is currently in discussion with the surrounding community on the way how the community will integrate their production and further sustain the agro-processing value-chains. Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center also furnished guest houses (for gusts, researchers, trainers and PhD students) aligned with access to pure water and electricity, whereas internet access is in establishment.

Mission and Vision of the Center


To be center of excellence in demonstration, training, research and technology transfer by 2030


To be center of demonstration, training, research and technology transfer for farmers, students, researchers, professionals and the community around

Partnership and collaborations

The centre has collaborations with FDRE, Tigray Regional State Seqota Declaration Program Delivery Unit and CultivAid, Israel in establishment of training, demonstration, community lab, agricultural innovation and technology hub, research site development.

Besides, the center partners in sustainable castor seed production with Zenith Gebs Eshete Ethiopia PLC and agricultural production and research with Shire Maytsebri Research Center and agriculture offices.

The center has agreed to collaborate with PUM Netherlands for technical support. Accordingly, we are rendering 6-8 week remote coaching training on milk processing together with PUM Netherlands.

Current Director


Mr. Teklay Tesfay

Assistant Professor of Dryland Agronomy

Mobile number: 0914780666


Office Address: Block 01, Room 01

Campus: Selekleka Research and Technology Transfer Center, Aksum University