Vice President for Administration and Students’ Affairs

Vice President Office for Administration and Students’ Affairs


Aksum University is one of the second generation higher education institutions in Ethiopia. It was established in 2007 with Proclamation Number 650/2009 having few staff members and 745 students in a rental building in Axum Town. Today, it has shown tremendous progress in all dimensions and has reached to an enrolment capacity of more than 24 thousand students in different programs, 1600 academic staff and 2215 administrative support staff.

Currently, Aksum University is aggressively working to be a top choice in education, research and community service in the coming few strategic years. As a vital component, the office of Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs commenced since the establishment of the university and has played significant role in the progress of the university.


The vision of this office is to support the achievement of the overall vision of the university by providing fast, efficient and quality services to all stakeholders of the university taking part in the accomplishment of the university’s vision.


The mission of this office is supporting the successful achievements of the mission of the university through its teaching learning, research and community service programs.

Directorates under our office

  • Aksum Institute of Technology office of Managing Director


Current Vice President

Zenebe Teka Mengesha (PhD)

Mobile Number: 0914701319


Office Address: Block 26, Room 103

Main (Sefoho) Campus, Aksum University