Women, Children and Youths Affairs Directorate

Women, Children and Youths Affairs Directorate


Our directorate was started its function subsequent to one year since the establishment of AkU 1999 named as Women and disabilities center. And in 2015 the previous name was prearranged to Women and Children affairs directorate. And it got its present name in 2018.

Our Directorate:

  • Works for the prevalence of equal educational access to all without discriminating any gender differences
  • Works for women students to get economic and educational support so that they will be equal beneficiaries and competent
  • Attempts to relieve sexual harassments and if provocations are happened it follows and applies to take actions
  • Give distinctive enabling trainings and prizing women the individuals who scored high marks and make them to join the university as teachers. Additionally,
  • Works to support peoples with disabilities.

Vision and Mission of our Directorate


Aspires to be number one university in assuring Women and Youths equal participation and benefit and in securing children rights by 2030


Attempts to help the university to become center in producing productive and responsible citizens in the country

Partnership and Collaboration

Our directorate works with the following partners

    • Tigray OSSA
    • Ethio telecom
    • Path finder Ethiopia
    • Tigray regional state women affairs bureau

Current Directorate Director

Mrs. Abeba Assefa Beyene         

Bachelor of Arts in Management

Mobile number: +251914188864

Email: brhinha@gmail.com

Office Address: Block 71, Ground Floor, Room 01

Main Campus, Aksum University